July 24, 2024

Ways to Help

Donations can be made to:

Voices of the Wild Foundation, Inc.
Banjoko Preserve
PO Box 2004
Page, Arizona 86040

Needs List:

Construction Equipment
 Backhoe - Four (4) wheel drive
 Construction Materials
 Chain link fencing with poles (8') (exterior fencing)
 Chain link fencing with poles (interior fencing)
 PVC pipe and fittings
 Blocks for retaining walls
 Electrical supplies
 Heat source for buildings
 Telephone poles
 Other Equipment
 Water Storage Tank (100,000 to 500,000 Gallons)
 Three (3) 5hp recirculating pumps
 Six (6) 2 - 3hp recirculating pumps
 Commercial walk in refrigerator
 Commercial walk in freezer
 Residential refrigerator
 Residential stove/oven
 Microwave ovens
 Stainless steel tables
 Stainless steel sinks
 Picnic tables with benches
 Security System
 Maintenance Building
 Food Preparation/Food Storage Building
 Medical Facility
 Giraffe Barn
 Reptile House
 Visitor Center
 Ground Cover
 Colored Rock
 Office Equipment
 Office Furniture
 Telephone system
 TV/DVD players
 Stainless steel bowls (all sizes) for feeding animals
 Food storage containers
 Automatic waterers
 Golf carts